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    AdvantagesMechanical description and characteristics

    Mainly used for various patterns on quilted high-end mattresses, bedding, home decoration and other products
    1. Optimize the mechanical structure, increase the speed and increase the output
    2. Practical patent "moving needle board" makes the quilting pattern more exquisite
    3. The quilting stitches are tighter, and the quilting pattern "three-dimensional" is stronger
    4. The needle row and the pressure plate adopt a cam-free double swing arm movement mechanism to avoid the situation of lubricating oil contaminating the cloth
    5. Multi-step independent patterns (covering 360°, 180° quilting patterns)
    6. Infrared detection of surface and bottom thread breaks, automatic shutdown, automatic needle lifting and CNC speed regulation
    7. Pass the CE certification of safety protection standards
    8. When the thickness of quilted vegetables varies greatly, there is no need to adjust the position of the pressing plate
    9. High rigidity body, high machine running speed, light vibration, low noise, no impact
    10. A new generation of computer control system, with high quilting accuracy, without too much participation in adjusting or modifying patterns during the quilting process
    11. CAD drawing method, accurate graphics, convenient and quick
    12. Powerful combination of flower film and multi-stride function, which can quilt different patterns in each row in mattresses of various sizes
    13. State inspection, machine operation status is clear at a glance

    Overall size (length, width and height) 4795x1670x2050
    Sewing width 2450 
    Cutting width 100-400
    Needle row pitch 50.8,76.2,127(5”)/76.2,76.2,152.4(6”)
    Pitch 12.7
    X stroke    410
    Quilting thickness ≤80(All patterns)
    Step size 3-8
    Production speed 60-300(M/h)
    Bur model 24/180、23/160、22/140、21/130
    Spindle speed     600-1200(Revolutions/minute)
    power   7KW
    Voltage 380V/50HZ、220V/60HZ
    Weight of the whole machine 5000kg

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